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About Rachel Levy Lesser

Rachel Levy Lesser – author, memoirist, freelance writer

I’ve been called an author, a memoirist, a freelance writer, and I am all those things but long before I held those titles, I was first a reader. It may sound cliché but I did escape into the lives of the characters of some of my favorite books starting way back with Ramona Quimby at yes age 8, on through Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice, Scout in To Kill A Mockingbird and into the present day through the cast of characters we read about in my book club when at times we actually discuss the books we read.

I am in fact the author of Who’s Going To Watch My Kids?, Shopping for Love and My Name Is Rebecca Romm Named after My Mother’s Mom. I am a frequent featured blogger on The Huffington Post and my work has appeared on The Glamour Magazine Blog, The Mid, Scary Mommy, AND Magazine, Metropolis and The Philadelphia Jewish Exponent. My essay on early mother loss was published in Letters from Motherless Daughters.

I worked in marketing and PR for many years but even then was drawn to the written word while on the business side of the mastheads of InStyle, Life, People, People En Español and Sports Illustrated for Kids Magazines, also working on the launch of Real Simple Magazine. I worked with nonprofits and schools in their marketing efforts and feel lucky to have gotten a great formal education as well.

I graduated from The University of Pennsylvania with a major in History and just one class shy of a minor in English. At Penn I met some of the best people that I know who I still call my BFFs and whose stories turn up in my writing from time to time. I earned my MBA at The University of Michigan (Go Blue!) despite never really figuring out how the Capital Asset Pricing Model works in practice.

Hoping to never stray too far from the classroom, I teach writing workshops in schools as a resident of Bucks AIR. I also lead workshops and speak regularly about the power of writing to heal at a whole host of organizations including one of my most favorite places – Gilda’s Club inspired by the life of one of my most favorite comediennes Gilda Radner.

When not writing, I love hanging out with my husband and two children and despite my daughter’s pleas to the contrary, still no dog. I also enjoy practicing yoga, practicing knitting and nearly perfecting my baking of the chocolate chip cookie.

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