The Huffington Post – The Misunderstood Exclamation Mark

I am not a big emoji user. I appreciate emojis for what they are – cute ways to express a feeling and that’s about it. The bitmojis (especially ones that look so true to life) do intrigue me, and I’m willing to use them a little bit more (no pun intended.) I’m definitely not of a fan of all the all caps type. I don’t like being screamed at in person, and I really don’t like being screamed at via email or text, and let’s face it, that’s really what the all caps type feels like. Read full article here.

The Huffington Post – I Feel Better About My Whole Life When I Shop at Trader Joe’s

I’ve never been a big fan of grocery shopping. I do it out of necessity as my family tells me they need to eat. I’ve sometimes marveled at those happy go lucky shoppers in the grocery store – you know the ones who seem to float through the aisles enjoying the challenge of picking out the perfectly ripe melon all the while swiftly crossing out items neatly written on their well-organized lists. That was never me – not even close. I waited as long as I could to hit the aisles, and my list consisted of random items scratched on half ripped receipts or a few notes that I emailed to myself only to forget what I meant when I sent them. It wasn’t pretty. Read full article here.

The Huffington Post – What I Wore The Night I Met My Husband

One of my favorite things about my first real job in magazine publishing was casual Fridays. After a long week of way too many meetings, way too soon deadlines and way too many oversized pants suits (yes it was the mid 1990s) nothing made me happier than being able to express my own style and comfort at work. Although the human resources manager explained to me and the other new hires that it was okay to wear “nice jeans with no holes in them” to the office on Fridays, I still didn’t feel it appropriate. Funny to think about that now as jeans (many with purposeful holes in them) are staples of my wardrobe. Read full article here.