Modern Loss – The Show Must Go On

I had this ritual when I used to go to a lot of Broadway shows. I flipped right to the spread in the Playbill which listed all of the hit shows and counted the ones I had seen. The number was always high.

My mother took me to see just about everything on Broadway. Her favorite musicals were the ones that left her “singing up the aisles” and well into the train ride back home in suburban Philadelphia.  In 1981 she took me to my first show, Annie. I fell in love with little orphan Annie, her sunny disposition and her can do attitude. She reminded me of my mother. When Annie sang about the sun coming out tomorrow, my mother and I nodded, singing in our heads right along with her. Soon after, we went to see Peter Pan. When Sandy Duncan, in the lead role, asked us to clap if we believed in fairies, my mother clapped faster and louder than anyone in the theater. I think she alone may have saved Tinkerbell during that matinee. Read full article here.

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