In praise of: Who’s Going To Watch My Kids?

Very helpful and enjoying read!

What a great guide for any new working mom who is trying to navigate the tough choices to make while hiring a nanny. Rachel’s rules are very helpful. However, I also loved the book for the stories that were unbelievable yet enjoyable. I recommend to anyone looking for help in navigating the nanny world as well as any working mom who has been there and would find it entertaining as well.


Fantastic book! This entertaining book is must read for expectant and new moms who are searching for their perfect Mary Poppins as well as working moms trying to understand their current nanny dynamics. It is a fun and easy read filled with humorous accounts of Rachel and her friend’s experiences, tips for avoiding the mistakes they made, and advice for building a healthy employment relationship with your nanny.

It’s like geting advice from your girlfriends about childcare, but better!

loved this book. perfect mix of helpful guide for parents, yet fun and engaging stories to entertain. It’s like getting advice from your girlfriends. but better!
Found this book extremely informative, and wish i had it when i started the nanny search. would’ve saved a lot of time and heartache!

If the word “nanny” is in your vocabulary, you’ll want to check this out!

This is a great take on the wonderful (?) world of nannies — lots of “case studies” of friends, plus her own tales of success and failure. The book is worth the read for the jaw-dropping examples alone of what parents are willing to put up with, just to have someone in the house. The writing moves quickly and easily. A pleasure to read, and a lot of food for thought.

Experienced mother recommends

As an experienced mother, this book made me laugh in some parts and stiffen in others as I remembered my own nanny experiences. For many families, nannies are such a huge part of our lives for 5-10 years, and they come rapidly on the heels of being newlyweds, and in the midst of climbing careers… what chaos! It was fun to remember those days with this book. I recommend this book for anyone looking for tips on welcoming a nanny into your family, or anyone dealing with a nanny crisis – you are not alone. Enjoy!

This was a thoughtful book and easy to read…

This was a thoughtful book and easy to read with lots of stories that made me laugh and some that made me shake my head in disbelief. I recommend this book to moms, mom-to be and those who want a glimpse into the life of working moms and how the whole childcare thing works. Thanks for the honesty and the well-thought-out tips.

What I love about this book…

What I love about this book is that it is not just another working mom’s “how to” guide to having it all. It takes the single toughest issue a working parent faces – finding childcare – and breaks it down in a way that made me laugh, cry and most of all, feel good about myself knowing that I am not alone on this crazy journey. Like a good girlfriend would do, the author unabashedly shares her own experiences with her nannies (the good and the bad) and the valuable lessons learned. As a working mom with my own stories to tell, I related to the hilarious and heartwarming stories of all of the women and found myself wishing that I knew then what I know now.

Five Stars

Excellent read. Beautifully and humorously written.

…Month old and thus a new entrant to the great wide world of nannies

As a new(-ish) mom of a 10 month old and thus a new entrant to the great wide world of nannies, I picked up this book as soon as I heard about it. Such a fun and wise read, and reassuring to find out that other moms have the same struggles with the search for the elusive Mary Poppins as I do. Highly recommended!

…As a grandma and former stay at home mom, …

As a grandma and former stay at home mom,
I found this book extremely helpful and enjoyable in understanding the struggles of working moms
to find childcare.

…Poignant, Funny, and also Pointed, …

Who’s Going to Watch My Kids? Working Mothers’ Humorous and Heartfelt Struggles to Find and Hold on to the Elusive Perfect Nanny provides an unusual focus on the working relationships between nanny and parent, and gathers stories from the author’s own life and the lives of fifteen other working mothers to recount such encounters.

Her experiences are poignant, funny, and also pointed as she addresses common points of concern between nanny and mother and outlines common mistakes and how to identify and overcome them.

From the nanny who wants to move in and take over to those who fail in their duties, Who’s Going to Watch My Kids? reflects on the typical struggles parents face as they look for in-home childcare assistance. The result is a fun, accessible, and solid read for any struggling with childcare.

-D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

…Witty and Entertaining …

Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, “Who’s Going to Watch My Kids?: Working Mothers’ Humorous and Heartfelt Struggles to Find and Hold on to the Elusive Perfect Nanny” is as witty and entertaining as it is thoughtful and thought-provoking. Every working mother who has ever had to struggle with securing the services of someone competent and reliable to care for their kids will read “Who’s Going to Watch My Kids?” with recognition and appreciation. Very highly recommended for community library Parenting collection,

-James A Cox, Editor-In-Chief, Small Press Bookwatch

…Laced With Humor and Thoughtful Observation …

Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, As informed and informative as it is laced with humor and thoughtful observation, “Who’s Going to Watch My Kids?: Working Mothers’ Humorous and Heartfelt Struggles to Find and Hold on to the Elusive Perfect Nanny” is an inherently engaging and instructive read. Thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ in both tone and presentation,

-Helen Dumont, Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


In praise of: Shopping for Love

“In this delightful book, shopping becomes a metaphor for the journey through life during which generations of one family meet and celebrate life’s milestones and learn to face the inevitable grief of loss.”

–  Paula Deitz, Editor, The Hudson Review

“This humorous and heartfelt memoir will immediately draw you in, and you’ll be smiling through your tears until finishing that last page. Rachel Levy Lesser is a wonderfully gifted storyteller; this tale will run like a movie through your mind. It reminds us of what is most precious in our lives, and gives the gift of true appreciation of sharing treasured moments with those we love.”

–  Melanie C. Kaplan, LSW Program Coordinator, Gilda’s Club Delaware Valley

Various comments…

  • It’s powerfully written, funny at the right moments and very moving… I breezed through the book and if it were 100 pages longer I would have stayed up later to finish it.
  • It made me smile, chuckle and cry.
  • Sweet, sad, touching, funny—lovely.
  • I read it an hour. It made me laugh and cry. It was so well written – and truly from the heart.
  • I loved this book. Lesser’s touching story was sweet and painted a very vivid picture of her relationship with her mother and her family’s response to her mother’s cancer. It is also a very easy read. I highly recommend it.
  • I loved this book!! Rachel Levy Lesser combines humor and heart in this touching story of family, love and shopping through the years. I laughed and cried at the same time!! A must read for sure!


In praise of: My Name is Rebecca Romm Named after My Mother’s Mom

“My Name is Rebecca Romm” is a charming story about a freckle-faced girl with a special name from her grandmother, whom she resembles. “My Name is Rebecca Romm” is written in gently lilting narrative verse, which helps deliver the core message of self-acceptance and love. Loving, detailed color illustrations add life, fun, and character to this charming tale of self-discovery and acceptance, appropriate for children ages 6-10 or older.

-Midwest Book Review

Beautifully written book, a story to be read to all children to honor the person they were named after. A perfect baby gift.

“My name is Rebecca Romm” is an adorable book about a little girl who at first does not like all the attention she receives for her name, but soon comes to appreciate how special it is to be named after someone well-loved. My boys and I love the rhythm and rhyme of this book. Both of my boys (ages 4 & 7) love learning about history and important people, and so they really appreciated the illustrations and facts about famous people like Neil Armstrong and Bob Dylan! Also, the illustrations are beautiful and captivating. This is a wonderful book that makes me feel connected to my kids each time we read it together.

My Name is Rebecca Romm is my children’s new favorite book. Rebecca is an adorable and independent young girl who longs to have a truly original name, rather than the family name she is given. The lyrical prose is as captivating as the freckled-face Rebecca herself. After reading the book, my children were curious to learn more about the thought, meaning and people behind their names as well. As an added bonus, this book introduced them to significant names in both history and geography. It’s a must read!

My Name is Rebecca Romm is a sweet children’s book. Rebecca learns to finally appreciate her name through a school assignment. My son is named after my grandfather, similar to Rebecca in the story, so it’s a great way to explain the connection. The book also talks about children named after famous people, places, etc., so I think all kids can relate. The illustrations are adorable and my son loves the rhymes. I recommend this book!

This beautiful story made me cry (as my daughter has a family name of a loved one who passed away). As for my daughter, she laughed at the names, the pictures and smiled with pride when she realized her name too was special. Loved, loved, loved!!!!

A must read if your child is named after someone special. My children are all named after much loved deceased relatives. This book opens the door to discussion and is a great tool to keep their memories alive in a gentle way. Loved it!

Rachel Levy Lesser has given me a lovely reason to read to my grandchildren who are both named for very special people in my life and the book makes me smile every time we read it and delight in the illustrations. The book is wonderful and I even love whom I am named for!

My Name is Rebecca Romm is a fun book with a delightful main character that will make you smile! This book is a great way to open the discussion about names, family and history. After reading it, my kids had so many fun questions about their own names and namesakes. This is definitely one of our new favorites!

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